Wednesday, 21 December 2011

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Foot In The Door!

Foot In The Door
Hello Gold Coast, we will be kicking things off in January with a classy afternoon event. We will be hosting the first 'foot in the door' to support an artist who has given so much of her time and music to community events over the years, we see her as a perfect beginning for this initiative. The artist is none other than Rhea Robertson.

Rhea Robertson
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Thursday, 24 November 2011

I Play Live Music!

An Enhance Industries and Create + Convert initiative.

A community initiative to fund the progression of music careers. The music industry has served Australia for many years and has brought together millions of people to experience joy and celebration.

It's an industry, which has produced more social capital than any other industry. We define social capital as the measured amount of how much people are willing to come together and socialise and the... value that comes out of this.

The Gold Coast community has been served by the music industry through the many festivals and touring acts, which have occurred. Community groups have leveraged the music of local artists to help entertain their guests.

Business has been served by the music industry using their music creations to provide atmosphere in their places of business. They have used music in their promotions and advertising.

Now the music industry, which has served us for many years, is weak, and needs support from community and business whom have used the fruit of its labour to help produce the fruit of their own.

Foot in the door is a new initiative based on the Gold Coast with the sole purpose of raising the much needed funds to break into the music scene for local live music talent. Foot in the door exists to help certain artists on their way to produce music that will benefit the community and continue to bring us together.

Our first event will be taking place in January 2012 and will be for the benefit of Rhea Robertson. Rhea is looking to finance her upcoming EP and film clip, plus a national tour.

We invite you to stay connected to this page to find out more about a highly entertaining Sunday afternoon we are planning.

If you are a local business owner and you would like to be involved in some way you are welcome to direct your interest to

Business Involved With Foot In The Door

Enhance Industries

Create + Convert



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Foot In The Door!

Check out my Event on facebook and stay tuned for date and event info!!/pages/Foot-In-The-Door/139307946175179

Monday, 7 November 2011

Friday, 28 October 2011

You Tube!

Go to you tube and type in Rhea Robertson and check out some of my songs.....x

Thursday, 27 October 2011

I Love music!

For Hire!

I am available to sing at any event or private party! (Brisbane - Byron Bay) Will trvel further for an aditional fee.
Please email me or contact me via any of the social medias listed to your right for prices!

Website Under Construction!

My Website is currently under construction stay tuned for further details!!!


Hi! I'm Rhea Robertson singer/songwriter! This blog will be about promoting my music and getting it out there in a hopes of eventually becoming a signed artist. This blog will share music videos already posted on youtube - check out the links to the right for all your Rhea needs. Stay tuned for pics, music and insight into my life as a musician.